Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals is an inspection company that takes pride in the work it does. We hire only the best inspectors and continue to be educated in the current building codes. We keep them readily trained and keen on their subject matter so they can give you a perfect inspection!

Port Charlotte Home inspection Professionals is backed by a quality control department that is very precise in their tasks. They take their job seriously and make sure no error escapes their pinpoint vision. You know you get a better inspection from us!

Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals can get you the inspection you need at the price you want. We are a competitive company so we want you to choose us! Therefore we give you one of the best inspections out there for a fraction of what the other guys ask for.

Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals is known far and wide for their attention to detail, low prices, and superior staff.  We have completed over 100,000 inspections for our happy customers and look to do the same for you.


  • Wind Mitigation

    Save $$$$
    A wind mitigation inspection is a way to save money by rating your home against windstorms.


    You can have your wind mitigation inspection completed by a professional home inspector if you want to save money on your windstorm fee. Just schedule a Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals Wind Mitigation Inspection. In less than 27 seconds you will have your time slot and our inspectors will be there exactly at that time. We know everything there is about home inspections and will find anything that can get you a discount on your insurance! We search everywhere looking for building materials, roof connections, opening protection and much more. We know what we are doing and will get it right every time. We are backed by a quality control department that confirms our precision so that you get the absolute best inspection there is. When we are finished looking through your home we will leave you with two pieces of information: a certificate and a way to score more discounts in the future. The certificate will be signed by a professional home inspector, the very same that did your inspection and will outline the discounts your home can receive because of its special wind resistant areas. The future information will let you know how to make your home more wind resistant so you can gather more discounts. Your discounts can told around 60% of your insurance; as you can see this inspection will end up paying for itself!


  • Four Point Inspection

    Older home?
    A four point inspection will help you. It may seem like a money spender at the time learning about what needs to be fixed around your home, but soon you will see it is actually a money saver.


    Four Point Inspections are chiefly asked for by insurance companies. They want to know what shape your house is in sometimes before even offering to insure it. Occasionally this inspection will lower your home insurance premium because your home is in good shape for its age. That is rare, however, and normally a four point inspections finds ill-wanted situations. Your insurance company is unlikely to raise your rates as this is to be expected of older homes. What this does mean, is that you will have to hire a repair company to fix all the broken pieces. Of course this seems like a loss of income on your part, but in the long run you save money. The leaks that your roof may have destroy whatever it touches, ruining more of your home. The faster this is caught and stopped the sooner your home will be safe. Also air conditioning leaves your home through leaky roofs so you save on your energy bill because your house is almost air tight. Any repairs done here add to a higher value for your house when it comes time to sell it. In the short run you do spend some money, but in the long run it is more than worth it.


  • Roof Inspection

    No house without a roof: Protect your roof, and it will protect you! If you want to have a secure home for many years schedule a Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals Roof inspection and find what shape your roof is in now, how to make it better, and how to keep it for years to come!



    What else would stand out in the bitter cold and blazing sun, through torrential downpours and 70 mile an hour winds so you can be safe inside? None other than your roof. That sacred structure sticks it out for as long as possible, but eventually it can only take so much. Have your roof checked often to see that it is proper condition to continue protecting you. If it has taken some hard hits you may want to get it repaired, sometimes they have gone far beyond the point of return, sadly, and must be ripped away so a new one can take its place. These repairs are vital to a happy, healthy home. Do not put them off! Schedule a Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals Roof Inspection today so that we can assess the damage done. We will give you all your options with the roof and counsel you on what we believe to be the educated decision.
    You should schedule us to be present during the roof work as well. By that time we will know you as a friend and we always look out for your best interest. It is not uncommon to have an inspection company such as ourselves overlook a roof repair, because we know how to do it right. A Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals inspector lives by honesty. If a company, even one of our partners, slips up in your roof installation we will let you know and work with both you and the company to get it right.


  • Full Home Inspection

    Peace of mind: We take the worry out of buying a home. A full home inspection is worth every penny. Because buying a home is no easy task, we take the as many worries as we can out of it for you. We will check the entire dwelling for everything we can find, and report the information directly to you to do with what you will.



    A full home inspection will have you swimming in information. You will learn stuff that you never new existed hiding in your current or future home. We will search any home you plan on buying and tell you all the facts out of honesty and respect. When it comes to home inspections, you can trust us. We have the experience, the knowledge, the connections and the back up! Your potential home is a simple scheduling appointment away.
    Port Charlotte Home Inspection Professionals will work with a buyer, seller, insurance company, mortgage company, or anyone else who needs our help to figure out the correct value of a home. We look for any and all problems that occur throughout the dwelling, Chinese drywall, code violations, leaks, and rust are all on our list. We also find anything that will raise the homes price: insurance credits or deductions, major and minor selling points, a strong connection system. We find everything; after all, we are an inspection company.
    And our inspectors are guaranteed to find it all. They are helped by the quality control department which makes sure our expert inspectors are doing their job correctly. You cannot go wrong with us. We put customer service and honesty highest on our list of goals. Everything we find is reported and a fair value of the house can be granted from there.

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